Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE)

MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education)

What is MOVE?

MOVE is a top down activity based curriculum designed to teach students basic, functional motor skills needed for adult life in home and community environments. It combines natural body mechanics with an instructional process designed to help students acquire increased amounts of independence necessary to sit, stand and walk in safe and supportive environment.

MOVE is designed to help families, educators and therapists work together toward goals, specific to the child’s needs and in turn, moving people with disabilities from a restrictive environment to a more inclusive lifestyle. MOVE gives structure to facilitate classes and teachers to integrate skill development into the everyday curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to decide and then work toward their physical goals throughout the school day, progressing towards enhanced dignity and increased independence.

MOVE at Adelaide West Special Education Centre

Since implementing the program in 2009, over 30 students have completed an assessment profile and are working towards goals specific to their needs. We are very pleased to be offering this program in our school. Students have benefited remarkably from this program in a short space of time, increasing their mobility, independence and self-esteem.

The students love to practice their MOVE goals through motivating, engaging and exciting activities such as;

  • Walking on the jetty to go fishing
  • Walking on ice at the Ice Arena
  • Sitting on a toboggan at the Ice Arena.
  • Sitting in a regular classroom chair to explore a very messy sensory based activity
  • Riding a horse
  • Sitting on the floor to bang a drum during music therapy
  • Standing for ball games
  • Standing up to look for dolphins on the dolphin cruise
  • Standing to water or plant plants
  • Standing to water the garden
  • Walking down steps to access the pool at Novita
  • Walking up slopes to access the wheelchair swing

We have 2 MIT’S (MOVE International Trainers) on site who provide MOVE training to families, educators and therapists. If any schools are interested in MOVE training this can be organised through MOVE International America (please see website link below), or you can call the school directly to speak with Jackie Butler if you have any questions or queries.  

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