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Parent Complaint

Our commitment

We know that when we can work together, things can be better. We are committed to a resolution, we have experience in getting things right and we want the opportunity to resolve issues in a fair and timely manner. Be assured, we take customer feedback and complaints seriously.

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Where to find information

You might like to visit the department’s website at:

Contact persons:

Lillian Murphy  – Principal

phone: (08) 8248 9100 or email:

Sue George-Duif - Education Director LeFevre Peninsula Partnership

Phone: (08) 8416 7341

In order to resolve issues, complaints received either via phone, email or in writing will aimed be followed up promptly (ideally within in 15 working days). Parents will receive acknowledgment of any complaint with a written response as soon as possible from the Principal.

Teachers, the Principal, and if required, the Education Director, will work with parents to resolve any issues or complaints.

Received complaints will be clearly documented and recorded in writing.
Actions resulting from the complaint will also be recorded in writing and parents will receive a copy of this action plan.